Magic City Hippies
Thomas Wynn and the Believers
The Black Honkeys
Wall of Echoes
Melody Trucks Band
Dead Set Florida
Greenhouse Lounge
Anthill Cinema
Electric Kif
The Headtones
Daniel Heitz Band
Tony Tyler Trance
Chuck Magid Band
The Conglomerate
George Pennington and the Odyssey
Hannah Harber and the Lionhearts
Shaw Davis and the Black Ties
Durrell Randolph Band
Brett Bass and Melted Plectrum
Custard Pie
Stephanie Perez
Legacy Orchestra Collective
The Good Wood Band
Tire Fire
Grindstone Sinners
Wester Joseph's Stereo Vudu
Fuzzy Britches
New Earth Army
Ashley Smith and the Random Occurrence
Free Range Strange
The Vivid Moxie
Este Loves
Joy Wagon
Shawn Brown

Festival News & Updates

April 14, 2020

Dear Orange Blossom Jamboree Family,

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have made the tough decision to postpone OBJ 2020. This is not an easy decision, but we know for the safety of our fans it is the responsible thing...

Orange Blossom Jams
Featuring Music from bands who have performed at Orange Blossom Jamboree
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[Orange Blossom Jamboree] Band Submission
Thank you for your interest in performing at the 11th Annual Orange Blossom Jamboree Music
and Art Festival 2020. Orange Blossom Jamboree celebrates the music of
Florida. We only accept...