Welcome to OBJ #9

Welcome to the 9th annual Orange Blossom Jamboree!

We felt so blessed that first year to host 30 bands on 2 stages that we could never have envisioned growing so quickly to more than 60 bands on 3 stages! The OBJ village has grown as well with the addition of so many magnificent artisan vendors, food crafters, visual and flow artists and educators of all kinds. The OBJ family is varied and beautiful and together we will again weave this weekend into something so much more than just the sum of its parts. Our tapestry will be filled with loving vibrations. Those vibrations will spread like wildfire because a little OBJ goes a very long way.

We are cruising towards a decade with a lion's roar! We are pleased to have Cope back on the line-up for two nights! Those fellas were there from the start and are a very big part of this family of orange blossoms! Welcome home.

So, Kick off your shoes and leave behind all those to-dos and join us for a four-day journey of art and music that is sure to fill your cup with love and laughter to spare!

Orange Blossom Jamboree
Music is our passion. Love is our art.