Coolest Campsite Contest

This year there are two Coolest Campsite Contests Categories.

1) Coolest Powered Water/Electric Campsite
2) Coolest UnPowered Primitive Campsite.

Good Luck !!!

Contest Rules:

1. Your campsite must have a name
2. The name of your campsite must be displayed and visible.
3. An adult (18 or older) must be present at your camp to win.
4. Observe park rules, they also apply.
5. Do not carve, chop, cut, or damage living trees
6. Please remember, this is an all ages family festival. Please keep your theme free of Illegal or mature
references. We are tolerable of many things, but try to remain tasteful.
7. Your campsite must be left in its original state before you leave. Please remove all decorations.
8. We encourage elaborate themes, but please remember, SAFETY FIRST.
9. Your campsite must have one designated representative to accept the award.
10. Winner will be announced on Sunday Morning
11. Rules subject to change without notice
12. Judges decision is final
13. Please do not obstruct normal flow of traffic in campground
14. Please do not dig any holes. There are many water lines and electrical wires running under the campsites.
15. Have Fun