Twisty Chris and the Puddin' Packs


If you want some music to make you, your Granny, and your snobby-ass kids to do the twist, look no further! Here comes Twisty Chris & the Puddin' Packs! This sharp-dressed, clean-cut group of heartthrobs are here to please everyone with their influences from the late fifties and early sixties; blending rockabilly, surf rock and doo-wop at a highly-caffeinated tempo known for making punk rockers and swing dancers spin on the dance floor faster than a rocketpack straight to heck! The casserole of influences include Chubby Checker, 5,6,7,8's, Thee Spivies, Buddy Holly, Joey Dee & the Starliters, Paul Anka, The Queers, Ramones and the Mummies. However, their stage presence and amazing dance moves seem to take more of a nod to your high school sweetheart's embarrassingly favorite boy bands.
Twisty Chris & the Puddin' Packs started, partially as a joke, in 2011. This tongue-in-cheek group of fellas from bands such Green Jello, Nerds Raging, Midnight Bowlers League and Unchecked Aggression have swooped into the Tampa Bay Hardcore scene, Florida's Rockabilly scene, and can often be spotted doing the twist on stage at any club on the 600 block of St Pete. Twisty Chris (Pack) is known for not letting a single person in the crowd feel left out. If the choreographed dance moves backed by Pablo, Smervis, and Matt don't grab your attention, then the catchy-as-fuck choruses will. As Leilani Polk from Creative Loafing Tampa says, "Not only is their mix of heavy surf-punk and garage-doo wop fast, tight and perfectly on point, the songs on their 2016 self-titled debut are cheeky as hell and pretty damn funny, too, while offering twisting and shuffling reflections on the near and farther past; “Abe Lincoln,” “Jugs of a Killer,” “Jimmy Wants a Haircut” and (just say yes to the) “Nancy Reagan Twist” all prove highlights in an album chock full of ’em".

Over the past year, Twisty Chris has won the Local 662/St Pete Rotary Club Battle of the Bands, released a full length album (both in physical form and on all your favorite streaming music apps), and won a Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Critics Choice Award for "Best Vintage Cheeky Act". Don't miss out on their next adventures! Drink your Ovaltine and join the crowd at OBJ while doing the Twist to your new favorite sillyboys!