Oak Ramble



Oak Ramble is a Tampa-based acoustic duo comprised of Jeremy Willis and Nader Issa.

Jeremy Willis is a guitarist/singer songwriter with a unique catalog of cover tunes and original compositions. He blends up tempo foot stompers and emotional thought provoking tearjerkers, interpreting anything from Bluegrass or 80's/90's Punk Rock to Classic Rock, Jazz and beyond. When he's not spending late nights with friends and family jamming around a fire, he's performing at a wide range of venues and events. You will find him at anythng from art galleries to brewpubs, from Hometeam New Years Rally to Skipper's Smokehouse.

Nader Issa is a classically triained bassist/vocalist with fluency in a variety of styles and techniques. His up-tempo pizzicato boogie riffs and heartwarming bow work showcase the versatile voice of the upright bass. His love and formal knowledge of Jazz, Classical, and contemporary music is apparent every night: Skipper's Smokehouse, New World Brewery, even Jobsite Theater's recent production of Lizzie (a rock musical telling of the Lizzie Borden story) stand as testament.

Combining instrumental report with engaging vocal harmonies, Oak Ramble delivers a sound that is something truly special. This unique combination of influence and originality coupled with a positive and fun loving attitude make Oak Ramble a one-of-a-kind pleasure. If you like good music, good vibes, and a good drink now and then, you'll love Oak Ramble.