Mama's Batch


There is nothing quite like Mama's home cooking. That same wholesome feeling is embodied in the
music created by this talented group of friends. Bringing a fresh twist to a classic sound, Mama's Batch
mixes funk and rock and roll with a sultry taste of soul. Each musician adds their own unique flavor,
forming a captivating blend of sounds and souls that is truly something special. Bassist Harry Ong and
drummer Aaron Buckingham create an unstoppable force that lays the foundation for keyboardist
Tommy Shugart and guitarist Josh Lamkin to add delicious layers of texture and sonic color. Together
they produce a perfect mixture of homegrown funk. Add the soul shattering vocals of Nalani Rothrock
and you have a recipe that will leave you begging for more.
From the first note, they establish an intimate relationship with the audience, making each member feel
like they are a part of the family. Taking live improvisation to a higher level, a unique experience is
created at every show.