The GetBye


"Hey, Hey Oh" is what crowds frequently chant as they clap their hands to this Gypsy band. Made up of Koal, Davy, Skitch and Tucker, The Getbye is quickly becoming one of the most talked about groups in their native Orlando, Florida. From one man simultaneously playing accordions, drums and trumpets at the same time, to the others filling on bongos, bass and guitar, The Getbye is certainly a spectacle to be seen, and one that's hard to miss. Their whirlwind of sound, and love, has carried them from The Florida Music Festival, Westward to Backwoods Music Fest, and North to Indiana's Good People Good Times Festival along with a host of other gypsy forest fests. The Getbye makes their audience the fifth member of the band through clapping, chanting and by even passing around their own percussive instruments, the shows are just as much a party as they are a performance. It's music, it's peace and a little something they like to call "Gypsy Love".