Between Bluffs


Between Bluffs is a combination of Soul, Roots and Jam. They call Dunedin, FL home, and they formed to create audio frequency transmissions back in 2011.

According to others:

“You know how those UF lab scientists hybridize plant specimens? Well, Between Bluffs are musicians who do the same thing but with roots of the fun, folksy, country kind.”
- Julie Garisto, Creative Loafing

“A quartet from Dunedin that produces instrumentally lush roots pop, some of it with a darker-tinged gypsy-folk appeal as in "Faults to Fruits" (the title track off Between Bluffs’ newly-pressed sophomore LP), other songs leaning to more a newgrassy feel, like "Fire Away (Salt Creek)."”
- Leilani Polk, Creative Loafing

"The group's debut CD, Mountain Nearing, is a catchy and earthy blend of alt-country, folk, jazz, pop, modern rock and, on songs like Two Lovers and Row Your Boat, more than a little ska and reggae. But make no mistake, the trio is more Blue Ridge than 2 Tone -- there's an adventurous, soaring country-folk influence across the board."
- TBT Soundcheck Artist of the Day April 27th 2011

"An engaging mix of pop, folk and a lot of other things that shouldn't work together – like the ska beats that propel opener "Two Lovers." A heavy-handed approach would crush this quickly, but singer-songwriter Jerrod Simpson and his band mates have a light touch that lets the disparate elements ease into place."
- Curtis Ross, TBO